Report from the War Front


First of all, it’s not a war front. Wars are horrible and miserable and people die gruesome, needless (in my view) deaths.

Second of all, I’ve spent a great deal of time with my students this semester talking about how models are simplifications of reality, and how the model we apply to a…

Washington Post Post!


Here’s something fun!  I wrote a blog post for the Monkey Cage blog on the Washington Post and you can read it now.  I think that counts as a blog post for this blog, too, no?

It’s about censorship.  I mean, “news beautification”.

You can find it here!

impossibleosswald asked:

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a writer career-wise?

Jonesrooy: collect all three! Answer:


Write. Finish what you started writing. Start the next thing. Repeat.

Notes on the Pudong Fight Night [while dressed like a clown], by Andrea "Clifford Geertz" Jones-Rooy


Brad Pitt was wrong. The second rule of fight club is: You do not go to a fight club dressed as a clown with two midgets. Here, I tell the tale of how I learned this the hard way.

Picture it: Shanghai, 2014.

I am a clown, but not the sleek black and white kind I’ve enjoyed being in the past….

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"He wasn’t a victim. He was a sadistic motherfucker who hated women."

Lisbeth Salander (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Swedish Version)  (via poprocksandcola)

The Swedish title of ‘The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo’ is ‘Men Who Hate Women’.

The first English go was probably ‘Men Who Hate Women, But Don’t Worry it’s NOT ALL MEN’.

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I love Lisbeth Salander anyway, and now even more.

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The Homesickness Post


First of all, writing it “homesickness” makes it seem like a kind of motion sickness. Fear not, friends, I am not actually throwing up (yet). (“What’s wrong with Andrea?” [ugghhh] ”Oh, she’s just homesick.” #freesketchidea.)

I don’t know if it’s the pollution, the fact that my access to Facebook…